'Etc Etc Amen' - New EP

Etc Etc Amen EP coverEarlier this year our Violin player Lizz made a decision to leave the Beholden and, rather than look for a replacement, we decided to call time on our 'Glyn Bailey & the Beholden' project and move on...  

As a farewell, and a 'Thank You' for your support, we've decided to release an E.P. featuring studio recordings of 4 cover versions, which were a mainstay of our live set from the final 3-piece incarnation of the band. This will be a 'Download Only' release offered 'free of charge' to friends on our mailing list, so get your copy here: LINK 

The track listing is Kraftwerk's The Model, Marc Bolan's Life's a Gas, The Beatles' In My Life, and The Buzzcocks' Ever Fallen in Love. They're all performed in our 3-piece 'chamber pop' format, which featured yours truly on Guitar/Vocals/Harmonica, Phil Senior on Bass/Backing Vocal, and of course, Lizz Beahan on Violin/Vocal.  

Mixing and mastering were all beautifully handled by Dave Archer of Last Riff Studios, Cincinatti, U.S.of A. 

Cover credit - Pablo Carlos Budassi 'Observable Universe Logarithmic Illustration' - LINK 

With thanks to Howard Male for allowing use of the title of his first novel, 'Etc Etc Amen' (Which Phil describes as "A spiffing read!") - LINK 

A Warholesque video for 'The Model' has been cobbled together from various Beholden outtakes and looks surprisingly good:
The Model on Youtube

I shall continue to perform occasional local gigs and focus on completing my 'solo' album, with help from Phil, and various other musicians ... more news on that as it progresses.