New Album 2059 Released!

Welcome to the future, but not as you know it ... 
2059 features ten songs, all lovingly crafted for your listening pleasure. There are themes of lost treasure (78rpm), a haunted dancehall (Dancefloor - inspired by the Blackpool Tower Ballroom), the shackles of human existence (Chains), the belief that we are all cosmically connected (Stars), spirits returning from WW2 (Night of Memories), a long lost imaginary theme tune (Universe), a curve-ball version of a 70's glam rock stomper by Slade (Coz I Luv U) ...and more.

Production and mastering were all handled Stateside by Dave Archer of Last Riff Studios, Cincinatti, USA. Thanks Dave :-)

We're also back with a new stripped down band and name ... The Beholden !

There's a limited edition CD version of the album for sale from this site, or you can download the tracks from Soundcloud, Bandcamp, iTunes and others. 

Pay or download for free, you choose, we don't mind either way. If you enjoy our music, please spread the word...we do this for the love of it and we appreciate your support ... Thanks !

Videos to accompany some of the songs can be seen over on our Youtube channel.